All the Single Ladies

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last night

Update on Fancy night with the girls.

It was awesome. We ate Italian and had fantastic wine from a local winery: St. Clairs. If you like wine I would definitely recommend them. They have more light sweet whites than you can shake a stick at, plus Mimbres red which is quite possibly my favorite red of all time. Yes it is that good.

I was wrong about the no boys part, at least alittle bit. you see, our waiter was shall we say, a fine specimen. Attractive and charming, as he is paid to be I am sure. He joked with us, tried some of our desert and was just lovely. It didn't hurt that we ended up a little champange faced. So everything was just alittle more wonderful.

I take this as a good sign. For me, champagne elevates whatever emotion I feel. When I am happy, it makes me more happy, the same with sad. I'll never forget the time I was drunk from champange and bailing, and left my best friend a largely incomprehensible voice mail about it. Good times.

Point is, if champagne made me giggly and happy, it means I was happy to begin with. A great start to being over Asshat I think. I was that happy on a Friday.