All the Single Ladies

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lady Lock Enters!

Hello Single Ladies, or any other Singletons that are out there.

I am LadyLock. (Though I prefer to Pop!)
My story is somewhat different from Audrey5000. Aud5 is a freshly single woman, where as I, have been single for... hmmm... it's rounding on 3 years now. That's quite painful to admit. Sure I've have had my fair share of men since then, but nobody lasting, and I am coming to that point where I am very, very ready to NOT BE SINGLE anymore.
But alas, there seems to be a drought... in trout.
haha, you know, fish in the sea? and such...

Anyway, let's talk about HISTORY!
My last relationship, which was my first relationship, and happened to be my longest relationship, was for two years. And I loved him very, very much.
BUT! He broke up with me because he thought he might have a second chance with his EX-girlfriend. He told me that he rather break up with me, than see her around and end up cheating on me with her. I appreciated his honest. But the sad part is, (ha, like that already wasn't the sad part) when he realized he made a mistake, (actually she rejected him), he wanted to come back to me. And I would have let him, but then, where would I be? What kind of a relationship would that be? How on earth would I know if he even cares for me enough? I couldn't do it.

And after that, I hurt him in turn. After a lonely while I thought that maybe we SHOULD get back together, tugging at his chain, and then just when I reel him back in, I realized, well, no, that IS a bad idea. Dumping him before we even had a chance. So in turn we both hurt each other, and I don't know if he does, but I worry about him all the time. I mean I constantly think of my ex-boyfriend. And it's been three years for christ sake! And I still think about him so much. Sometimes I don't know if it is because there is nobody else around to take my mind off him, or that I still have feelings for him. Either way my head has been a mess for a very long time. And I caused it upon myself.

Well, that is my relationship history. But now i'm hungry, (i've been hungry) for someone new. Someone to take me out. I don't even know what dating is! Nobody has ever given me the chance to experience dating! Someone please! Don't keep me waiting!

Signing off,